Aquathlon Water TransistionAn Aquathlon is an event made up of a number of different sports and combines swimming and running. The aquathlon is a relative newcomer to the sports arena with the first event being run in the late nineteen nineties. In many respects an aquathlon is similar to a triathlon but the event does not have a cycling component. Some athletes appreciate the fact that it does not include cycling because that event can prove to be extremely gruelling.

Because of the range of sports involved the aquathlon does not have the same distance for each event. Sometimes there are different distance choices in the same sports event. People who take part in one of these events will usually have different levels of experience. A typical aquathlon will have a running stage and a swimming stage, although occasionally there will be two running events in an aquathlon. Running can be over different terrains such as trails, beaches and tracks while the swimming will be undertaken in different pools.

Although an aquathlon may have athletes with a range of skills and expertise, it is not uncommon for top level athletes to take part in one of these events. Those athletes who actually specialise in aquathlons will undertake rigorous training and may end up dominating the event. One of the reasons less experienced athletes will take part in an aquathlon may do so because they want to explore multi sport competitions to see how well they can do. In general those who take part in an aquathlon will be urged to do so as quickly as possible as there is no break between the different legs of the event.